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Skyline badgeElectrical, Data and Voice solutions to help your business grow

For over 20 years Skyline Electrical Services have provided Electrical, Data and Voice technology solutions for successful small, medium and large businesses. With today’s communications revolution requiring increasingly sophisticated answers, our clients rely on the Skyline ‘big picture’ approach.

We look at the overall telecommunications and data systems requirements of a business, and tailor streamlined solutions to suit each individual budget. Since our inception in 1990 we have expanded to the total planning and management of the requirements of a 21st Century business.

Skyline’s skilled and experienced technicians, plan, supply, install and maintain Electrical, Data and Voice systems that can help your business grow.

Skyline Electrical Services provides a range of Telecommunications services and solutions for small to medium sized business including  line installations , building intercom solutions and Telephone systems supply and installation.

Skyline Services is able to provide a range products and services including PSTN & ISDN lines, GSM Gateways ,VOIP .
We are registered resellers for LG Aria , HYBREX , Aiphone and offer competitive pricing for sales and installation of a range of Digital and Voip key systems. Alternatively, we can relocate existing systems or replace and or extend current phone system configurations.

We can provide Cordless hand sets, DECT sales and installation solutions for a range of existing PBX / Key systems , Conference phones, and Telstra line works.

We provide licensed technicians for voice cabling services for office or home
We provide a wide range of products and services including PSTN and ISDN lines, GSM gateways, and VOIP.
Skyline is also very experienced in the relocation or extending of current phone systems, plus we can provide cordless hand sets, conference phones and much more.

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Skyline Electrical Services is able to offer design and installation of structured cable systems for both Commercial and Industrial applications . Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling , Cat 6a , Optic Fibre cabling , Wireless access ,TDR testing , Communications Cabinet design and layout , integration of voice and data services and ADSL.

Skyline Electrical Services recognises the importance of quality installation in conjunction with well managed cabinet design . So whether just a few data points, or small office up to multi floor tenancy fit outs our quality and attention to customer service offer a reliable and affordable alternative.

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